Meet The Guides

Meet Melanie

Melanie has always loved photography and has been taking pictures since she was a child. Her education covers all different aspects of the art including studio imaging, darkroom processing and more traditional methods.

Melanie likes her work to convey a story- to relate to the viewer and to bring to mind many memories in one single image. She loves people and in her quest to capture their precious memories she tries to produce quality work that shows the unique personalities of her clients.   Working with ShutterGuide Tours has given her the opportunity to meet new people as well as teach others photography tools and tips that they can use to capture their own precious, fleeting moments. 

Off the Beaten Path Tours: Saturdays from 9am- 11am

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Meet Joseph

A Florida native, Joseph currently resides with his wife Christina in historic city of St. Augustine. He first fell in love with photography while studying at Elon University. With an acute attention to detail and a lifestyle approach to capturing those special moments, Joseph's work provokes emotions and reveals his passion for true storytelling. When he's not behind the camera he enjoys time with his wife, a day at the beach or a good movie.

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